Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Math Epic on Area of a Circle

Long ago there was the gretest story ever that would go down in the math books forever. The Dark Diameter always scoured the "Great Planes" trampling everything in space. Of course there is always the protagonist. Meet Radius; he is a small humble man who was fed up with the terrorist, but the thing was...Diameter was twice the age and twice the size of Radius. Radius was 10 years old, so Diameter was 20 years old. Radius was 5 feet tall so Diameter was 10 feet tall. One day Radius stood next to Diameter, and of course, radius was half the size of Diameter. But Radius was clever, he went and found a potion that would make him turn him 5 times his height and 10 times his age. SO, he became 25 feet tall and became a centinarian (a 100 years old). This made him tall and wise. He approached Diameter and circled him and defeated him. For a celebration, he ate Pi.....3 (and a little more) whole ones. The math people dubbed him the the king of the area. Hence, he is called "AREA."